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International Touch Panel and Optical Film Exhibition

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Exhibition date 2015-08-26 - 2015-08-28
Address No.1, Jingmao 2nd Rd., Nangang District, Taipei City 11568, Taiwan
Hall name Touch Taiwan 2015
Exhibition Description
* Touch Panel:
Capacitive touch panel│resistive touch panel│multi-point touch panel│infrared touch panel│piezoelectric touch panel│ITO conductive film│conductive glass│ITO│touch screen glass substrat│window lens│touch screen electronic pape│query softwar│ouch screen browser│touch screen ordering machine and software

* LCD Panel (Module) / OLED Panel (Module):
LCD panel │PDP micro display panel │3D display│miniature projector│ OLED panel module│OLED material │ PI barrier film substrate │ drive IC│ heat sink metal mask │ net machine vacuum system │UV curing machine laser sealing machine │sealing equipment

* Optical Film:
ITO conductive film│ film polarizing film│ TAC film │PVC film │PET film│PE / PVC / PET / BOPP / LDPE protective film │LCD optical protective film protective film │adhesive material adhesive products │ silicone resin

* Equipment, materials and components:
screen printer │ screen │ UV machine│ bake oven│ laminating machine machine │ combination machine │ punching machine pulse pressing machine │ composite coating machine │ slitting machine │ inkjet printing process equipment │ Roll continuous Dispensing equipment

* Flexible Electronics:
memory │ microphone│ speaker│ active components passive components │RFID│ sensor sensing system│ intelligence systems │human-computer interaction│e-book│flexible display│ electronic bulletin │ flexible photovoltaic modules lighting │ soft light│soft cell│substrate material │packaging materials │ emitting material

* Printed Electronics:
OTFTs │ light emitting diodes │ emitting electrode sensor device│ battery │memory and other components of organic and inorganic materials │carbon and semiconductor nanomaterials │ electronic conductor and substrate materials│ printing coat pattern making │ assembly and test and measurement processing │technology and equipment display │ solar lighting touch │ electronics & components integrated systems applications
telephone:+886 02 2729-3933 #15
Exhibition remarks
The grand gathering of touch panel optical film industries in Taiwan – Taiwan Display Union Association (TDUA), is composed of TTLA, TDMDA and TEEIA, representing Taiwan’s flat panel display, materials and components industry. The foundation of Taiwan’s flat panel display industry seeks to assist manufacturers expand business opportunities in the touch panel and optical film industry. The purpose is not only to integrate the display industry chain in Taiwan but to also serve as a platform that proactively helps manufacturers expand their business. Since the touch panel and optical film industry will inject new elements into the display industry in the future, they will generate increasing demand for production technology, materials and equipment. In addition, developments will also be stimulated in the precision machinery, machine tool, coating and film roll industries. The touch panel and optical film exhibition is not only a showcase platform but also a platform to interact with your clients and exchange technologies; it is also an industry upgrade platform and a gathering that you cannot afford to miss.
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